Monday, August 31, 2009

Now In Stock Voltron 25th Anniversary Metallic Voltron Action Figure Gift Set

Movie Replicas Direct is proud to present another Toynami Action Figure! The Voltron 25th Anniversary Metallic Voltron Action Figure Gift Set!

This new edition of the Voltron Lion Force Gift Set features an all-new metallic paint decoration. We're debuting this item at Comic-Con, which will be available in retail stores shortly afterwards. Produced this year only, to celebrate Voltron's 25th Anniversary.

Celebrating Voltron's 25th Anniversary with this metallic version of the popular Voltron Lion Force Gift Set. The 25th Anniversary Metallic Voltron Gift Set comes in commemorative packaging. The plastic figure stands about 11 3/4-inches tall and is certain to get your megathrusters thrusting!

Pre-Order your Voltron 25th Anniversary Metallic Voltron Action Figure Gift Set by Toynami and let Movie Replicas Direct deliver your action figure in next few days! Order yours at: Voltron 25th Anniversary Metallic Voltron Action Figure Gift Set

Now In Stock Executioners Collectors Mini Bust by Bowen Designs

Movie Replicas Direct is proud to present a Bowen Designs Sculpt! The Executioner Collectors Mini Bust!

Skurge was born in Jotunheim, and later became a warrior. Skurge has always had feelings for Amora, the Enchantress, and regularly aided her in various evil schemes to gain control of Asgard. However, the Enchantress only manipulates him, using her charms to keep Skurge under her thrall. Loki, the trickster God, also has used Skurge many times.

Skurge the Executioner hails from Asgard, where he has often fallen under the spell of Loki and his plans to destroy Odin and Thor. Banished to Earth, he sought revenge against the churlish gods and joined the Masters of Evil to defeat Thor and The Avengers. This bloodthirsty Norse god, his powerful battleaxe in hand, is sculpted by Troy McDevitt and stands 8" tall. Painted and ready to display.

Order you Executioners Mini Bust by Bowen Designs and let Movie Replicas Direct deliver your bust in in the next few days! Order yours at: Executioners Collectors Mini Bust by Bowen Designs

Friday, August 28, 2009

How to take care of your porcelain statues & busts

This article contains information, which will help you to take care of your Cold Cast Porcelain collectibles so you're sure to enjoy your favorite collectibles for many years to come!

Your Cold Cast Porcelain collectible pieces are fragile, so take good care of them. Put them somewhere sturdy and safe out of direct sunlight as sunlight will cause the colors in your collector’s pieces to fade. It is best to keep your collectible in a curio type cabinet, well away from human touch, pets, and dust. A well taken care of porcelain piece will last for generations.

One of the major issues a collector faces is when they display their cold cast porcelain piece is dust. Dust attracts oils and other contaminants from the air that will eventually cause discoloration if left unchecked.

How do you remove dust without wrecking your porcelain pieces?

Be sure to perform your cleaning over something soft like a blanket, or cushion of some sort in case you drop your porcelain piece. Cold-Cast porcelain is coated with clear polyurethane. The best care for cold cast porcelain is to dust the statue or bust with an untreated soft cloth, a small paint brush with soft bristles, or a feather. DO NOT use cleaning chemicals on your piece. Bleach or products containing ammonia will permanently damage your collectible. A single feather, a makeup brush, or a small soft bristled paint brush is great for getting into those tight, hard to reach places. Don't spray any types of dusting chemicals on wooden bases, because the chemical may splatter onto the sculpture itself ruining your collectible. If the cold-cast porcelain gets a dirty fingerprint on it, wipe it with a clean white damp cotton cloth (damp with water, not chemicals). Cotton cloths seem to work best. Other types of material may leave fuzz stuck to your piece. If the stain is persistent, use a tiny bit of Ivory Liquid on the damp white cloth, then wipe again with a clean damp white cloth and wipe dry. Never use anything colored to wipe your collectible piece and take special care never to display your cold-cast porcelain in direct sunlight as the sun will fade your piece.How to care for your cold-cast porcelain statue busts at Movie Replicas Direct

Friday, August 21, 2009

Avatar Teaser Trailer

Today is the big day! Avatar Day... Was it too hyped or was it worth the wait? The official Avatar Movie teaser trailer is here courtesy of YouTube. Avatar Teaser Trailer Let Us know what you think....

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Movie Replicas Direct is proud to present another Yamato USA Action Figure! The Mobile Police Patlabor AV-98-I Ingram 1:24 Scale Action Figure!

SPECIAL NEWS BULLETIN, APRIL 1998: While the development of labors has proven a boon to the heavy construction industry around the world, it has also sparked a new and terrifying wave of crime: labor crime. To combat labor crime, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department has created a new division, Special Vehicles Section 2, which today announces the rollout of its own force of highly advanced labors – the AV-98-I Ingram.

Ten years has passed since the rollout of the AV-98-I Ingram, the labor specifically designed by Shinohara Heavy Industries for the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s Special Vehicles Section 2. Marking this occasion, Yamato presents the ultimate 1/24 scale AV-98-I Ingram model as only Yamato can. Employing a revolutionary die-cast frame system and a host of special features and accessories, Yamato’s AV-98-I Ingram is capable of emulating all the poses and actions of the original. Most impressive is the built in “winch” mechanism with retractable tension cable and functioning hook which allows the AV-98-I Ingram to grab onto anything within its reach, a first for any patlabor model ever! Fluid motion, lighting effects, multiple interchangeable parts, and themed weaponry all mark this amazing piece. And now, Yamato presents Ingram USA as it appeared in the episode “Long Live CLAT”, the first ever action model of its kind. What’s more a figure of Noa is included, the very first figure of her too! A definite not miss item!

Partial List of Features:

•1/24 scale, approximately 13”
•Die-cast frame system with cloth joint covers for sleek look and feel
•Head/neck moves up/down, right/left in all directions along with movable cylinders
•Face guard made with clear parts which lifts to reveal main internal camera system
•Chest opens/closes to reveal cockpit with pilot boarding system (figure included)
•Chest/cockpit features bulletproof glass windshield, movable cockpit seat, and flashing lights
•Fully articulated shoulders/arms allow both arms to be brought forward simultaneously for maximum posing capability including holding revolver with both hands
•Articulated wrists/fingers with magnetized palms for secure grip of revolver
•Attachable arm shield (requires two bolts as in original animation)
•Flashing ‘Pat-Lamps’ on both shoulders
•Built in “winch” mechanism with retractable tension cables and attached hook to grab anything within the AV-98-I Ingram’s reach
•Detachable back cover can be removed to reveal inner mechanics of the AV-98-I Ingram
•Opening/Closing H.O.S. Source Protector
•Fully articulated hip, knees, and ankles for dynamic posing action
•Knee guards on right/left legs can be opened/closed
•Anti-slip guards on soles of feet to ensure stable standing
•.37mm revolver with functioning hammer, trigger, and rotating cylinder which swings out to load ammunition
•Revolver can be holstered in leg and extra ammunition stored in hidden leg chamber
•Extendable stun stick which can be stored with arm shield internally.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Avatar Movie

Movie Replicas Direct is proud to present Avatar Movie Replicas Statues, Busts, & Action Figures! Image coming soon! Check out our upcoming busts can be found at: Avatar Movie

Avatar is an upcoming 3-D science fiction film directed by James Cameron, due to be released on December 18, 2009. The story’s protagonist, Jake Sully, is a former Marine who was wounded and paralyzed from the waist down in combat on Earth. In order to participate in the Avatar program, which will give him a healthy body, Jake agrees to travel to Pandora, a lush rainforest environment filled with incredible life forms – some beautiful, many terrifying. Pandora is also the home to the Na’vi, a humanoid race that lives at what humans would consider to be a primitive level, but are actually much more evolutionarily advanced than humans from a human perspective. Ten feet tall and blue skinned, the Na’vi live harmoniously within their unspoiled world. But as humans encroach on Pandora in search of valuable minerals, Unobtanium, the Na’vi’s very existence is threatened – and their warrior abilities unleashed.

This article uses material from the Wikipedia article "Avatar 2009 Film" and is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License.

New Flex Pay Service at Movie Replicas Direct

Movie Replicas Direct is proud to offer a new service called Flex Pay

What is Flex Pay and how does it work?

Flex Pay is new service Movie Replicas Direct has decided to offer our customers. This payment method allows our customers to pay for qualifying merchandise over a period of 3 months. There is a one time service fee of $8.00 per Flex Pay Order for processing.

The first payment will be deducted from your credit card at the time the order is placed along with the processing fee. The first payment will also include any aplicable taxes and shipping charges. The next payment will be charged to your credit card on the same day of the following month. The final payment will be charged to your credit card when your item is ready to ship.

If your order is a Continental US order of $150.00 or more, please remember shipping is free.

The Cancellation Fee is as follows:

Cancellation after 1st payment - $20.00

Cancellation after 2nd payment - $40.00

*Note by choosing Flex Pay you agree to pay any applicable cancellation fees.

How do I request Flex Pay?

Requesting Flex Pay is easy. There is only 1 requirement; you must have an order of $100.00 or more. Once you've met the $100.00 minimum and your item or items are in the "Shopping Cart Items" (Step 1), and you are ready to check out, simply click on "Checkout".

2. You will then come to the Shipping and Billing page (Step 2). Fill out your shipping and billing information, add you email, then scroll to the middle of the page. In Coupon Code / Promotional Code Section type in the words flex-pay
, then click "Next" at the bottom right of the page to proceed to the Overview page (Step 3).

3. Review your order… the amount owed to us for the remaining 2 payments will show as savings on this page and will be divided into the next 2 months. The amount to be charged to your card will be in the total field. To finish the order and send it to us for processing, click “Send Order”.

How much do I have to spend to qualify for Flex Pay?

To qualify for flex pay, you must purchase at least $100.00 in merchandise per order.

How should I pay at checkout?

You can pay the normal methods with the exception of adding the words flex-pay
in the Coupon Code / Promotional Code Section on the Shipping and Billing page during checkout. Customers who use PayPal will be invoiced two additional payments. The second payment will be due one month later on the same day as the initial payment. The final payment will be due when your item is ready to ship.

Is there a fee to use the Flex Pay Service?

There is a small fee for Flex Pay only because it is added work to our order customer service team. The fee is a flat rate fee of $8.00. Whether you order $100.00 or $1000.00 in merchandise the fee does not increase.

Can I use Flex Pay on a Pre-Order item?

Yes, as long as the total order is $100.00 or more.

If I use Flex Pay, when will I get my merchandise?

Your merchandise will ship as soon as the last payment is received. If your merchandise is a Pre-Order item, we will ship it as soon as it comes into stock.

Why is Movie Replicas Direct offering Flex Pay?

Movie Replicas Direct is offering Flex Pay as added service to help our customers reserve a qualifying “must have” statues, busts, prop replicas, & pop culture items during these tough financial times. We understand it can be tough when you really want a product and you can't have it due to the one time high cost. Flex Pay makes it easy with 3 easy payments and allowing you to have better control over your cashflow.

Can I still make a return when using Flex Pay?

Flex Pay merchandise is like any other item. Items are fully refundable up to 90 days from the shipped date.

Will I get the Flex Pay fee refunded if I return an item?

No, fees are fixed and cannot be refunded.

Will I still qualify for free shipping on my order shipped in the Continental US of $150.00 or more?

Absolutely, Movie Replicas Direct will treat any Flex Pay order as a normal order aside from the one time fee at purchase. Orders outside the Continental US Do Not qualify for free shipping.

What if I default on the Flex Pay Plan?

If you default on Flex Pay, you will be charged the standard $8.00 processing fee. You will also be charged a order cancellation fee. You may also loose privileges on future Flex Pay orders. See the fee schedule below:

Cancellation after 1st payment - $20.00

Cancellation after 2nd payment - $40.00

*Note by choosing Flex Pay you agree to pay any applicable cancellation fees.

Free Shipping on Orders of $150.00 or more

Movie Replicas Direct is proud to offer free shipping ground service on any and all Continetal US (48 States) orders of $150.00 or greater with the exception of expedited orders like UPS Overnight, UPS 2 day, UPS 3 day...etc. This service would be for ground shipping only.

Your order will automatically calculate free Ground Shipping at "Checkout". Please feel free to contact us with any questions on our free shipping service.

For more info on our Shipping info and policies at

Welcome to Movie Replicas Direct

About Movie Replicas Direct:

Movie Replicas Direct is owned and operated by Taylored Industries. Our company was licensed in February of 2004 and is family owned and operated. Believe it or not we've come a long way from our original launch, fulfilling orders out of our living room and working an additional job to make ends meet. Movie Replicas Direct has now become an essential resource for pop culture collectors around the world. Our main office is in Lady Lake Florida and we fulfill orders from warehouses in Lady Lake, Florida, Hollywood, Florida as well as Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Thank you in advance from the Movie Replicas Direct Team.

At Movie Replicas Direct, we build our business on reputation and pride ourselves with customer service. We treat every customer in the same manner, whether you purchase 1 item or 100 items, a US or International customer. Movie Replicas Direct considers all customers as family and believes the foundation of any company starts with customer service. We realize that without you, our customer, we are out of business. Please free to email us at with comments, suggestions, or product reviews at any time.

You can shop with confidence and security at Movie Replicas Direct. All orders are processed through Yahoo!’s secure network. Credit cards are purged from our server 30 days from purchase to protect our customers. So, purchase your favorite collectible with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express as well as PayPal and feel confident your protection is of utmost importance at Movie Replicas Direct. If you don’t have a credit card, that’s ok too, we accept Money Orders. Simply print off a Money order form, fill in the item SKU, mailing address, and shipping charges (shipping charges at the bottom of the form), mail the form and money order (payable to Taylored Industries) to:

Send Money Orders to:
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It doesn’t matter what type of collectible you are searching for, Movie Replicas Direct has one of the best collections of officially licensed products from action figures, busts, and statues to movie props and TV replicas on the internet.

Whether you are an avid collector, or just looking for a couple pieces for your personal enjoyment, Movie Replicas Direct carries the quality pieces you’re looking for. We back all our products with a mint guarantee. All items are inspected before shipment and rated C-8 and above unless otherwise disclosed on an items name or description page. If your item is damaged in shipping, or you just don’t like it, send it back for a full merchandise refund (less shipping), replacement, or exchange for 90 days from the receipt of your item. Please note that returned merchandise must be unopened and in the same condition in which the products were received.

Our contact information:

By standard mail:
Movie Replicas Direct
6208 Topsail Road
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By phone:888.698.7767 (between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time)